Ready to move in!
  • Tuesday afternoon: I photographed this property
  • Tuesday evening:  I edited and processed these images and submitted them to the Realtor that is selling this home
  • Wednesday: The home was listed on MLS
  • Thursday: SOLD!

It was a beautiful, well-staged home with trendy decor and nice living spaces.  It was perfectly priced and well-marketed online.  All the boxes were checked for a successful sale – and the perfect buyer walked in on the first day.

Even doing everything right, a first day sale is beyond what anybody would expect.  Sometimes it works out that way where the perfect person is just waiting to find a house like that.  It’s super important to make sure that that perfect person walks in the front door of the home – and photography is a big component of that.

No wonder it sold so quickly..

A New Orleans-based Real Estate photographer recently was able to track the traffic statistics for one month worth of real estate listings in his markets.  He compared the amount of web hits for properties that he photographed to properties that he did not.  The results were amazing..  he got 134% more traffic in similar ZIP codes, and 145% more traffic in the MLS region.  Hard to argue those results!  That certainly doesn’t correlate directly to successful sales.. but getting page views is the critical first step.

Go Somewhere Special…

Mark Teskey

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