What a cozy living room!

This house is one that I shot in April to be listed on MLS.  The owners were relocating and needed it to sell fast.  As it turned out, not only would it sell fast – it made the perfect case study for effective real estate marketing.

This was one of three identical houses for sale on the same block.  While that could have been doom for the sale – it turned out to be a boon instead.  All three houses had similar floor plans and were listed at a roughly similar price.  The only real difference was how the houses were presented to the market.  The owner and Realtor for this house worked to ensure that it had the most curb appeal both on the web and in person.

Designer Ready-to-go Kitchen

House A has been on the market for approximately a year.  It started out somewhat overpriced and had no investment in staging or photography.   House B was decently staged but had amateur photography and has been on the market for several months.  House C is the property that I’m showing off today.  The staging was incredible – it said WOW the second you walked through the door.  It was my job to communicate that same WOW factor on the web through photos of the house.

Though it certainly was a team effort to bring this beautiful property to market and to get it sold fast – it underlines the importance of spending money to make money in this environment.  Beautiful imagery of a well-presented home will absolutely bring in more traffic.

Kids dream room

The Realtor that architected this deal was Brian Gute from Lakes Area Realty – check him out at briangute@earthlink.net.

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Mark Teskey

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