What is Partnership? That was the question that we tried to answer with this hero video filmed for the front page of the SUCCESS Computer Consulting home page.  This piece, filmed in Fall, 2016 was fully custom from the ground up.  We were hired to create this video as part of a big team of rockstars.  We had to flesh out the cinematography to create each scene for the video.  Locations had to be identified by us – and we had to cast a lot of different people for the many roles in the video.

A script writer was employed to write the script and give some scene ideas.  A well-known local commercial composer was used to create a custom piece of music that set the appropriate mood for the company and the message.  A voice-over professional was located for the right sound and we recorded her.   We did the final edit and colorization to make it all look perfect.

Primary filming took place in October and November 2016 in about a dozen different locations.  Filming that late in the season gives a beautiful fall look – but weather is always a risk since it can change on a day-to-day basis.  When the action shot (below) was taken – it was below freezing and our actress Vanessa was really a trooper that morning.

Filming the SUCCESS feature on a golf cart

We’ve since done other projects with SUCCESS – but this will always hold a special place in our hearts!