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Kenwood is one of the super-premium neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Kenwood is a gingerbread dollhouse-encrusted hill perched just southeast of downtown Minneapolis. Back in 1995, I looked at a carriage house apartment behind a 5000 square-foot mansion that would have been the nicest place I had ever lived – and it was above a garage. Given the neighborhood, even a condo is going to be something special. When I was hired to photograph a condo in Kenwood, I jumped at the chance.

It was easily one of the more amazing places I’ve been able to photograph – the amount of detail was stunning. Somebody had spent a lot of money in the past on lighting design – every room had separately dimmable cove lighting, art lamps, detail lights, and under counter lights. Every room had ceiling details, floor details and faux finishes. It was a gorgeous place – once my client, the staging company (Set to Show) redecorated it for sale. For an architectural photographer – it’s like being hired to photograph a supermodel in a swimsuit.

I do have to digress for a second and talk about what a great job Janet and the crew from Set to Show have done staging this condo. I’ve seen pictures of how the original owner had it decorated.. and, let’s just say it wasn’t my style. There is really an art to making a property look cozy and inviting – yet not too busy.

Mirrors on the wall across the room from the perfect place to place a camera are among the things that make my job the most challenging. The mirrors above the range on the back wall make the room seem larger and open – but it ensures that there is no place I can stand the camera that isn’t in the picture. In the above picture of the kitchen, I had to spend around an hour deleting my camera and tripod from the image. No, I’m not telling where.

Another challenge is shooting bathrooms. They are super-small, loaded with mirrors, and the white balance always comes out funny. Often, the client doesn’t even care to get the pictures of a bathroom so I don’t always need to photograph them. In this beautiful condo, the bathroom itself is worthy of a penthouse suite at Caesar’s Palace.

There’s really too many amazing images from this property – more can be seen on my image archive located at Mark Teskey Architecture.

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