We have always wanted to film a music video – so when the Twin Cities-based Irish punk band “St. George’s Folly” asked me to film the video to their latest video “Iron Hearts”, we jumped at the chance.

The concept presented was great but pretty sparse.  The creative brief read something like: “Drunken fiddle player in 17th century court musicians outfit hitchhiking to rehearsal”.  After we got done laughing – we realized that filming would involve location shooting as well as indoor performance shooting “in the round”.  And – it would all have to be done somewhat improvised.

After a lot of consideration and research, we decided to shoot it in a very immersive style by moving the camera with the subjects.  This would add a flow to the visuals to match the music and help take the viewer along on the journey.

The shoot day was raining cats and dogs – perfect weather for Irish music!  The band laughed about it and we started getting takes on a gorgeous country road near Chaska, MN.  Multiple takes were performed to get the exact right shots and to nail the timing to match the video.  The studio performances were shot at “Rock Camp for Dads” in St. Louis Park.  The song was filmed a dozen times with different vantage points and isolation on individual musicians.

Finally, the edit was done with short clips synchronized to the music.  That’s a little touch that adds energy by keeping the shots moving – and the synchronization reinforces the pulse of the music.  When the music goes to double-time, so does the pacing.  A final slow fade on our fallen hero releases the tension and gives a final warm glow to the finale.