One Southdale Place is a project I’ve truly seen from start to finish.  Over the past few years, I’ve made dozens of trips to this upscale apartment community located in the southeast corner of Southdale mall.  It’s the jewel in the StuartCo crown – and they wanted to show off all it had to offer.

My first project was long before opening day.  The frame was barely complete and I had to wear a hard hat and safety vest while on site.  One apartment was complete and beautifully furnished and ready for photography.  Since then, I’ve been back every time a new area was completed or when new furnishings arrived.  It’s really a beautiful property – and it’s just steps away from Southdale Mall.

One especially interesting project was to create a series of “living pictures” – or cinemagraphs.  These are photos with a living component – a very innovative technique to add additional visual interest to a photograph.  Here is a cinemagraph of the main lobby fireplace in the coffee nook.

This property has a lot of interesting areas to capture – a lobby, party room, workout area, penthouse, outdoor patio and bar-be-que zone, pool, and lounge.  Each had their own special challenges due to huge windows and different lighting angles.  The rooftop patios were my favorite – they all have a great view of downtown Minneapolis.  And.. the entryway is really beautiful at night!