Bituminous Roadways was a client for whom we do a lot of aerial imagery.  For this project, they asked us to photograph the paving project in Maple Grove at night.  Most paving projects take place during the day – but this one had to be done after dark given the congested retail-oriented location.

We love challenges like this – and have invested in equipment that allows us to do unique things like capture action scenes at night yet make them portrait quality.  So – on a gorgeous cool summer evening at about 11pm, we arrived on site with our best night photography gear.  The crew wasn’t hard to find – the bright glowing orbs they used for lighting was a pretty good giveaway.  Though they look bright in the pictures, in reality they didn’t come close to lighting the area enough for photos.  Our gear can manage this just fine – and by well after midnight we had a great series of images showing a night paving project.

Post-processing was surprisingly minimal since the original captures were so good – a little noise reduction and a little contrast and they were ready to deliver.