The Eitel Apartments in Minneapolis, MN are located in a historic building that had been recently remodeled into upscale apartments.  The apartments are located across the street from Loring Park – so it’s a very busy location with a lot of traffic.  The biggest challenge was to capture the unique space complete with both modern and historic features.  The furnishings are a big part of the draw to the property – so showing off the decor and the lifestyle of life at the Eitel was critical.

Like most apartment complexes that we’ve photographed, there are a lot of common areas that need to be shown off.  Our favorite was the two story rooftop party room/lounge with the original exposed block and added neon highlights.   We deliberately photographed this room vertically to relay the sense of openness that the tall ceilings give the room.

Light management on a property with so many windows and an amazing view is very important – and having it be a bright sunny day on the shoot day made this doubly important.  The lighting conditions was beyond what any camera could capture – so we used the technique of blending multiple images to show the interior, the exterior, and control super bright spots.