This project has the distinction of being my highest viewed project in history.  The images in this project have been viewed over 100,000 times on and are likely a big contributor to us winning “Best of Houzz” for many consecutive years.  It’s also one of my favorite of all time.

modern corner fireplace
Modern steel corner fireplace in designer living room

This funky remodel was masterminded by Ammar at Dwelling Designs.  It was a full-house remodel and it included all three floors.  At the time that I photographed it, the kitchen hadn’t yet been remodeled so I did not photograph it.

There were some interesting challenges with this project.  For starters, the design featured a lot of highly reflective surfaces including mirrors, furniture with mirrors, mirrored wall hangings, polished mirrored metal, mirrored lamps, mirrored vases, and stainless steel everywhere.  As a photographer, I have to be very mindful of reflections to ensure that nothing is being shown in the reflections – especially me!

It’s a great fusion of funky design and modern materials along with classic accents.  One of my favorite items is the corner fireplace shown in the image above – the contemporary stainless look of the fireplace is a prominent feature of the bright but cozy living room.