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Last month, Judd Sather from Studio J contacted me about photographing his spectacular new 5400 square foot studio in downtown Stillwater. Judd took over this space at the start of the year and put a ton of effort into turning it into a premier destination for wedding and portrait photography as well as a gorgeous fine art gallery. Judd did an amazing job of converting the historical building into a comfortable place to work and interact with clients.

Commercial architectural photography like this gets me very excited because I can really show off the beauty of the space. In a large area like his studio it’s a little more of a challenge to tell the story about what it’s like to visit. It’s important to show the work areas as well as how they are arranged in relation to each other. Furthermore, all the amenities needed to be captured so they could be featured on his website. Doing a great job will translate directly into increased interest and traffic into his retail location in Stillwater from potential clients that visit his website.

It’s also an interesting challenge because Judd is a total pro – he’s an incredible photographer in his own right. You just don’t build an amazing studio like that unless you’ve got the traffic to justify it. I needed to make sure that (like usual) I was going offer up some ‘shock and awe’ with the images to blow his socks off. I had to deliver something above and beyond what could be done without the specialized lenses, tools, and techniques that I employ to feature the beauty of the interior details.

That is Judd’s Fine Art collection catering to walk-in traffic in Stillwater – a town with a ton of foot traffic. Many of the pieces were done by Judd himself and feature the landmarks of Stillwater.

Of course, in any photo studio.. a place to photograph is required. Here’s the room that Judd and his team use for flash photography. It also shows the changing and preparation areas.

One of the interesting challenges of being an photographer in Minnesota is that the weather isn’t always suitable for outdoor photography. Judd handled this challenge in an interesting way.. he brought the outside environment indoors with a huge natural light studio space on the second floor. This space has a variety of materials and backgrounds that will suit just about any style.

I’d like to extend a big thanks to Judd and his team for making me feel right at home and for sharing their new studio with me.

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