This isn’t a single project per se – it’s actually a series of projects that we did in Summer, 2017 for Bituminous Roadways.  Bituminous Roadways is a paving company that does large projects such as roads, parking lots and sporting facilities.  Each year they create a calendar to show off their projects around the Twin Cities metro area.  We had the honor of doing all the aerial photography for the 2017 calendar.

Aerial view of LA Fitness Parking Lot
LA Fitness Parking Lot – Apple Valley, MN

There was a wide variety of projects that were all over the Twin Cities metro – all which would require a lot of flying to properly capture.  Each would also require pristine lighting, weather conditions, flying conditions and editing.  Many of the locations were retail and had cars from sunrise until sunset.  The road projects in some cases were many miles long with really restricted parking.  Editing was no picnic either – A black parking lot takes a surprising amount of editing to make it look perfectly even.  In short – the perfect project for us!

The first step was always an airspace verification.  There are a lot of locations in the metro area that are within restricted airspace and require a FAA authorization.  Next, the operation had to be carried out away from people and not directly above traffic.  That’s an interesting challenge when trying to film a road.

The composition is another unique challenge because the subject is usually pretty geometric.  With straight lines and contrasting colors everywhere, attention must be paid to ensure a good composition.  It’s always better to be a photographer that’s a pilot rather than a pilot that’s a photographer!