This was a new construction regional headquarters for Auto Owner’s Insurance company.  The project was to take place in two phases – the first in the late spring to capture interiors of the building and the second later in the summer once landscaping had come in.

The interior portion of the project was an interesting challenge because it needed to be done on a very specific day when the business was closed.  It was unfortunately a stormy morning and that could have caused some strange white balance issues if we didn’t manage it with supplemental lighting.  We were able to create realistic and appealing images by blending multiple images that contained the ambient interiors, the isolated exterior view, and a flash lit version to neutralize color casts.

The exterior portion of the project had a very narrow window when it could be done.  For about three weeks in the summer, the sun rose far enough in the north in the morning to cast light on the front of the north-facing building.  There was also a narrow time frame when the light was right.  If we shot too early, the sun would be behind a treeline and landscaping.  If we waited too late, the sun would be too far south.

The weather, light, and setting was perfect for aerial images as well – so after wrapping up the ground level pictures we flew our DJI Inspire 1 Pro to capture these great aerial photos.