7801 E. Bush Lake Road was a pretty dated office complex before the current owners rehabilitated it.  With the help of Sienna Lynn studio, they transformed it into a desirable modern office suite with modern amenities.  It was a pretty major remodel with the entire aetrium getting a facelift that involved opening it up and creating a cafe area.

This was a before-and-after photography project – the first visit was where we took shots to show what it looked like before the renovation.  When the project was complete and decorated,  we returned to do a large series of shots to show the final product.  The transformation was amazing!  We also decided to use models in the shoot to add some life to the space and show it being used.

One interesting technical challenge on this project was managing dramatically different light sources and types.  Like most buildings of the time, the primary interior light is provided by fluorescent lighting.  Fluorescent lighting has an intense green tinge and a very poor spectrum that always makes it tough to get accurate colors.  Additionally, there were floor-to-ceiling tinted windows looking to the parking lot.