Better color, better contrast, verticals straight

I love to revisit old work even though I rarely do anything with it.  I was recently looking at this set of photos from a beautiful million-dollar home that I shot for the builder in Prior Lake, MN when I realized:

I can do even better.

I’m hardly the first artist to have that feeling.. musicians remix their albums all the time to give them a different sound or to fix some deficiencies in the original mix.

The seating area and kitchen – now square and true

In my case, the tools have improved a lot since I first processed these images.  I’m also now shooting with a specialized lens for architecture that removes perspective distortion.  Those factors when put together make the original versions of these images look a little dated.

I couldn’t get back in to the house to completely re-shoot it with my improved lenses – but I could fix the original distortion with software!  I also could use my new favorite blending tool to deliver a much more realistic image than I was ever able to deliver before.

I set out just to try a few images to see how they would look.. and before I knew it I had them all remixed.  It’s not a perfect process.. in many cases I had to crop the image tighter than the original because of the reduced distortion.  Luckily, many images are improved by a tighter crop.

Wide angle view of the greatroom

This house was also on my mind because I’m going back to do a dusk shoot in the next week or two.. and that is going to be extremely cool.  I’ll get some pictures online just as soon as I can.

Go Somewhere Special…

Mark Teskey

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