Most projects are performed using a blended day rate model.  This is a simple-to-understand model that bundles time-on-site with editing and commercial single-party-licensing.

Budgetary numbers are also provided for third party licenses and expenses.  These include but are not limited to: music licensing, graphic design, voiceover, equipment rental, and travel.

Projects are quoted as an estimate of production time and third party expenses with an agreed set of deliverables.  Estimates will not be exceeded without a mutually agreed change of scope.

HOURLY ARTIST RATE                       $250

This blended rate includes time on set/site, reasonable editing, equipment usage and commercial licensing.

CREW RATE                         BY CREW SIZE

Many photo and video projects require production assistance or additional camera/lighting/sound operators.  If additional crew is needed, it will be quoted as part of the project

TRAVEL COST                                       $75/hr

Travel time outside of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area will be billed at $75/hr and includes mileage as needed.  If airfare or other travel expenses are required, they will be itemized separately.

IMAGE LICENSING                             Quote

Please contact us if you'd like additional licensing information for one of our images. Licensing costs are quoted by usage model and will be provided upon request.