The featured room this week is the one room in a house where most people spend approximately one-eighth of their life.   It’s a room that is a private sanctuary not often shared with guests and visitors.  The room I’m talking about is, of course..

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is often one of the better decorated rooms in the house.  A lot of work is put in to selecting fine furniture, beautiful linens, nice mood lighting, and decor.  All of this is done to create an environment much different than any other room.

For this reason, master bedrooms aren’t often as well lit as the rest of the house.  The soft, indirect lighting from the nightstand lamps sets a mood that would be ruined by flooding the room with light.  Therefore it is important to preserve that glow in the pictures so that it portrays the proper environment.

In the above photograph taken in a beautifully remodeled South Minneapolis home, the master bedroom was the showcase for the home.  The owners created a living space within a living space where they could retire for some quiet time.  I wanted to show this gorgeous room in its entirety to give the viewer a sense of the space that they had created.  In doing that, I had to manage the bright lights from the cathedral window, the reflections from the shiny wood floors, the warmth of the end table lamps, and the muted linen colors.  All of these are details that draw the eye around the room and reveal more interesting details about it.  Often I’ll try to eliminate reflections such as the one in the center of the room – but in this case, it draws the eye in to how clean and shiny those floors were.

This bedroom was an exception in many ways – rather than going for cozy, the owners went for airy.  The owners called this room “The Sun Room”, and it was also plainly the center of their life for many years.  How do I know this?  They left a placard stating as much.  It was also a later addition to the home.  Most of the walls were windows – and this brought in strong natural light, dark shadows, and rays being cast on everything.  Since the light and the view was beautiful, I wanted to capture it rather than just let it all go to white in the image.  This required blending a large number of images together to get the correct mix of light to show this scene.  I also purposely left some negative space in the foreground – the mood of the room is open.. and I wanted the picture to show the openness.

Whenever possible, I like to show the transitions between rooms as well.  It tells the story about how the home flows – and in this case, it gives just a peek into the luxurious master bathroom.  This luxury home on Prior Lake manages to bring a cozy mood while including a lot of natural light.  I also was challenged with making sure the color of the lighting was correct – there is always a risk of making natural light too blue or incandescent light too orange.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the Master Bedroom – next week, it’ll be the most expensive room of the house.

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Mark Teskey

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