Mark's "Second Beach Sunset" print in Shorewood

Prior to being a full-time architectural photographer, I spent some time learning landscape photography.  I was blessed enough to learn from one of the best – Jon Cornforth.  I went to some amazing places and shot some gorgeous images.  I even did art shows at the Mill City gallery and at Dunn Bros. Roseville.  Though I received a ton of acclaim for my work, it didn’t exactly jump off of the shelves.

It certainly wasn’t all for naught.. I learned that architectural photography has a ton in common with landscape photography.  In fact, the skills that I learned in landscape photography taught me so much that it gave me a huge leap ahead in my architectural photography business.

As an added bit of window-dressing and as a homage to my brief stint as a landscape photographer, I always ‘hang’ my pieces in homes that I photograph.  As a result, my art is now hanging in some of the finest homes in town.  Sure, it’s a virtual hanging – but many more eyes are going to see my images that way than if that art was actually hanging in their home.

Because of the process that I use, televisions must be turned off when I photograph them.  To dress that TV up a little, I will Photoshop in one of my fine art pieces on to the TV.  It’s only a minutes to do – but it adds a level of realism to the scene.  I’m very happy that flat panels are popular now – it’s so much easier to make it look realistic on a flat panel than it does an old-fashioned tube television!

Once you are aware of this little Easter egg – you’ll start to see them everywhere.  Here is one of my pieces in a master bedroom:

Here is another master bedroom.  This one is in a $2.25 million dollar house.  Recognize that image?

This next image made me chuckle as I was editing it.  On top of placing my landscape print on to the television, I added a screenshot of my computer screen while editing this image to the computer screen.  It’s sort of like standing between two mirrors and seeing infinite reflections!

The home above is on Lake Minnetonka and is for sale at $1.25mil.  Also for sale at $1.25mil is this gorgeous loft in Duluth.  It has excellent architecture.. and excellent artwork..

Finally, what better way to show off some of my work than on a huge home theater screen?  This spring I photographed a home that had a wall-sized screen in the basement.. and I decorated it..

Go Somewhere Special…

Mark Teskey

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