Dusk photos should not have a black sky

There is nothing that makes a property look more majestic than doing a dusk shot.  There is something about the illumination of the property, the glow of the windows, and the deep blues of the sky that transforms any property into a stately manor.  It it significantly more effort than doing a drive-by shot during the day – but the results are worth it for any real estate or architectural photography project.

To do this shot, I set up three Alien Bees 800 w/s studio flashes on 13′ light posts to fully illuminate the front of the property.  All lights are triggered with Paul C. Buff Cybersync radio triggers to ensure that they all fire concurrently.

The magic comes in the timing.  Shoot too early at night and the sky looks too bright as compared to the window/porch light.  Shoot too late and the exposures get so long to get some color in the sky that the interior lights get too bright.  On top of that, the flashes have to be balanced to provide even illumination.  As it turns out, there is a 5-10 minute ‘magic window’ where the sky brightness is perfect.

When possible, it is helpful to hide the flashes behind trees to save the trouble of removing them later.  I couldn’t hide the flashes behind any trees in this case – so I had to use Photoshop to remove two flashes.

Want this look for your property shoot?  Mark Teskey Photography will do it for $125 as an add-on to any full-property shoot or for $200 as a standalone project.  All retouching is included in this cost.  Please contact me for additional information!

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Mark Teskey

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