Whether you want to show off a new interior design or are looking to sell your property and need to create some fantastic photos to help you get your home off the market, how you set your home up will be a big factor in the success of the photo shoot.

Continue reading for helpful tips and tricks for preparing your luxury home interior for a professional photo shoot!

Keep the Lighting Natural

Think back to when you found yourself most at peace in your home. More often then not, it’ll be at times when there are minimal lights on in your home, but the your interior is highlighted by the sun peeking through your windows. You should want your photos to create this same feeling.

When it comes to comes to home interior photo shoots, natural light is an absolute must. Artificial light can really harm the true colors of your home and if you try and inject too much of it into your shots, you’ll lose the authenticity of your home.

Natural light will help create natural, softer shadows, whereas artificial light creates unnatural, harsh shadows that detract from the details you actually wish to highlight in your home.

Therefore, the best times to take photos are at dusk and dawn. During these times, the natural light is prominent enough to help light the room with minimal assistance from artificial lighting, but not too strong where your images will turn up too bright.

Look For Natural Framing

white wood archway

Look for lines in your home that can serve as a makeshift frame. For example, walls, door frames, archways, and windows work well for this purpose. Sometimes it takes a keen eye to notice these natural frames, but if you can find them, it’ll make your photos look clean and crisp.

Clean, But Not Barren

Your home should be tidy and well kept, however, if it looks completely void of the personality, decor, and other fun details that make your home unique, the photos will not do it justice.

People tend to over-do the cleaning process and strip their home of all the characteristics that make it seem livable. Coffee table books in the living room, coffee mugs on the porch, and fruits in the kitchen can all help potential buyers envision themselves in your home.

Flowers and Other Greenery

Another great little detail to add to your home for the photo shoot are plants, flowers, and other greenery. An aloe plant, rubber tree, peace lily, and bamboo palm are all popular choices when it comes to adding some life to your interior.

Or, a simple bouquet of flowers in vase can improve the look of your dining room or kitchen.

Pulling Out the Chairs

This is a simple trick, but an effective one. It’s hard to explain, but having the chairs around the dinner table or at a desk pulled out rather than tucked in helps create a more inviting photo. It’s almost as if the chair is inviting the viewer to take a load off.

When chairs are placed to close to a table, it gives off the impression that no one sits there and that the room hasn’t been used in forever. So, if you don’t like the way your photos turned out, try altering the chairs just a little bit and see if that helps create the mood you want.

Be Wary of Reflections

Reflections are an often overlooked aspect, but an important one to consider if you want high-quality photos. Make sure you’re on the lookout for potential reflectors. Try and set up rooms so that the best shots won’t be taken directly in front of a mirror or other highly reflective surfaces. If you’re photographing at night and are using a lot of artificial light, this can be particularly tricky and will take a keen eye from the photographer to avoid being detected in any of the windows.

Find the Right Professional to Help You

At Teskey Mediaworks, we’ll work with you to get your home off the market by creating high-quality, gorgeous photos that truly highlight what makes your home special. Selling a home can be difficult, and often times frustrating, but a great selection of photos can help propel your house to the top of potential buyers’ lists.

Check out some of our interior work and give us a call at 952-372-1355!

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