50’s 2-story?  Not on your life!

Most people don’t envision this when they think of Grandma’s house.

This beautiful South Minneapolis home is a custom-designed and custom-built house from the late-1950’s.  It contained a million little details that made it a distinctive one-of-a-kind home in it’s price range.  This house had 5 bedrooms, Frank Lloyd Wright-style 2-sided fireplaces, big windows everywhere, hidden closets, princess balcony, and the list goes on.  The biggest issue was that the owners were in their tenth decade of life – and it needed some pizazz.

After a nearly year-long renovation project, the owners selected a sales and marketing team that included Mark Teskey Architectural Photography, Brian Gute (rockstar Realtor), and Jaime Schock from Showhomes Minneapolis to do the staging.   The owners felt it was a very unique property and they wanted it to show better than any other house in Southwest Minneapolis.  As it turned out.. the market performance exceeded everyone’s expectations.  More on that later..

Showhomes identified a home manager with appropriate furnishings to move into the house and to keep it show-ready.  He had a week to get the house decorated, furnished, and ready to show once he moved in.  I had the chance to see the project prior to completion of the remodel – and I was blown away when I arrived to photograph it in mid-July.  It was hard to believe it was the same house!  I wanted to buy it and move in.. and I certainly don’t feel that way with every property.

My challenge was to highlight how amazing this house looked.  It was a very wide-open floorplan in the living areas, and I wanted to show that.    I did a pair of panoramic portraits of the major living areas upstairs and downstairs using a style that balances the light well and gives it a nice warm look.  I also shot some fly-through videos using my Steadicam rig to show how the home flows.  There’s no substitution for being there – but the fly-throughs are a good substitute.

Funky cozy kitchen

There’s a great ending to this story..

The house was on the market for about 144 hours.  There was a flood of showings on the first weekend and the open house was BUSY.  The new owners knew they wanted it on the spot and extended a full-price offer in the first week.  They knew it was the perfect house for them.. and they wanted to make sure nobody else got there first.

One other fun side note to this project?

My Grandfather designed this house.

Go Somewhere Special…

Mark Teskey

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