Log Cabin Place in Ephraim, WI

Since I did a big house for the last post, I’m going to the other side and posting about a very small house.  This is Log Cabin Place in Ephraim, WI which I shot over Labor Day weekend last year.  This cottage was recently remodeled and had just been reopened for visitors.  The owner, Diane, paid a lot of attention to detail to create a very charming residence for guests.  No pictures existed of the property prior to this – and good pictures would really have a positive effect on the rentals.

The challenge with this property was that it was fairly small – the cabin itself is only half of the building.  As an architectural photographer – I had to show that though it was small it wasn’t cramped.  I also had to show that it was a cozy inviting place to spend a vacation in Door County.  I did this by using a wide-angle lens and a post-processing technique that blends multiple images to give it a warm, well-lit glow.

Cozy interior of Log Cabin Place

As you can see by these photos, I was able to capture the ambiance of the cottage and show off the features of the property.  It was a challenge to show the entire room – since the 2nd bedroom was a loft in a small cabin!

If you make it to Door County – be sure to stay at Log Cabin Place!

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Mark Teskey

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