Here’s an article that came from a bunch of sources.. but it’s so important that I had to repost it here.

Jack Cotton, a luxury real estate marketing expert, recently wrote a blog post called “How Far Would You Go For the Perfect Listing Picture?“.  The entire post centered on how critically important it is to not only hire a photographer – but hire the best photographer in town to photograph your properties.  Jack states:

When presenting a luxury listing, you want more than one picture. You also want the right photos, shot in the right way, by the right person: an experienced pro who knows how to photograph high-end properties. With more and more people starting their search on the internet, your photos must be flawless.

I couldn’t agree more!  I continue to be amazed how many self-shot pictures are on luxury listings.  Just because you own a scissors doesn’t mean you’d do your own haircuts, does it?

Jack goes on to say:

Don’t spare the expense; hire the best real estate professional photographer in your area. Here’s why:

Potential buyers will often eliminate your listing from consideration immediately, based on poor photography. If you have to skimp on marketing your listing, professional photography is not the place to do it.

Since 95% of target buyers will visit your property on the Internet before ever considering walking in the front door – a potential sale may never even reach the front door if the property isn’t appealing in the photographs.

Please check out the remainder of Jack’s article on his website located here:

How Far Will You Go For the Perfect Listing Picture

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