How to Use Drone Footage to Promote Your Commercial Property (Set Yourself Apart With Stunning Visuals)

Updated January 7, 2019
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Mark Teskey
Mark Teskey

Mark learned about composition and lighting through being a landscape photographer. By applying those skills to his commercial and cinematography projects, he creates imagery that is visually stunning and emotionally impactful.

These days, it seems as though beautiful commercial properties with modern architecture are popping up left and right. Because of this, it can be difficult to differentiate your property, whether it’s a retail store, hotel, restaurants, or apartment complex, from that of your competitors. However, one of effective way you can set yourself apart from others in your industry is through utilizing drone footage to promote yourself.

One of the first instances where many potential consumers or clients will interact with your brand is through your website. This puts brands who incorporate engaging content and a smart user interface in their website ahead of their competitors. One of the best ways to engage your users is through video, and drone videos certainly have a ‘wow’ factor. But, they still must be filmed professionally and with creativity.

So, without further adieu, here are some helpful tips for filming your property, as well as some insights on how to promote your brand with your new footage.

How to Create the Highest Quality Footage

aerial drone photo

Wait for the Right Weather

Be patient when it comes to waiting for favorable conditions to fly your drone. If it’s windy, don’t even both trying. Twenty miles per hour is roughly the cut off for not flying, but if you have a smaller drone, 15 mph with wind gusts can make your drone filming experience quite miserable. Having said that, we’ve invested in powerful professional drones that allow us to fly in higher wind conditions if the terrain is more wide open.

Every drone filmmaker has a different preferences for their favorite time to shoot, so here is a brief list of the conditions you may run in with their pros and cons:

Clear and Sunny: Time of day is important for days like these, where you’ll want to shoot around mid-day to avoid large shadows. As a result, you’ll see bright highlights and colors in your footage.

Partly Cloudy: Many drone photographers enjoy shooting in these conditions because the cloud shadows can add a sense of depth to the footage. However, if the shadows are too big, it can be difficult to correctly set your drone exposure to create good video.

Overcast: If you can limit skyline visibility, high overcast days can create great color saturation, as well as lower contrast. However, it might not be the best footage to highlight your property, where downcast days can be associated with negativity where the sun helps create more positive mood.

Highlight Surrounding Area and Features

Your ability to highlight the background features and surrounding details plays a big role in the overall quality of the drone footage. This is especially true if you’re filming an apartment complex, where the location and the nearby shops, restaurants, and other various amenities will be a big factor in the decision-making process for potential renters.

Too often you’ll see novice drone photographers focus too much on the actual building. It may take a few flights around the block, but after you analyze your first few takes, you’ll start to see some of the beauty that the surrounding landscape has to offer, and you’ll find creative ways to include those details in your next shoot. Which brings us to our next point…

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t expect to get it right the first time. Flying a drone takes time to master, let alone actually trying to film a high-quality video while you’re flying.

Many companies will forgo the the hassle out of doing it on your own by outsourcing. Here at Teskey Mediaworks, we’ve worked with many different organizations to bring their property to life by creating gorgeous drone footage, photographs, and other media assets. Take a look at some of our past work and if you have any questions, send us a message or call us at 952-373-1355!

Post Filming – How Should You Promote Your New Video?

Social Media

You can’t go wrong with using your video on any social platform, but Instagram and Youtube are a couple of the big ones you should include.

Instagram – The best of all the social platforms in terms of sharing the visual elements of your brand. You can share clips of the video, as well as any stills you gathered.

Youtube – Posting your video on Youtube makes it easier to share, and you can also embed the video on your website.

Your Website

One of the best ways to use your footage is incorporating it into your website.

Video Header – Using your drone footage as a video header is a fantastic way to promote your commercial property. If your homepage hasn’t engaged your user within the first 5-10 seconds, you may lose them and they’ll bounce from your site to competitors. A drone video is the perfect way to entertain and get visitors to click through the rest of your site.

Check out this great example of how to use drone footage to highlight your brand and property via The Quinn at Plymouth.


If you have the budget for them, a commercial featuring your drone footage is another fantastic option to put this media to good use.

Mark Teskey
Mark Teskey

Mark learned about composition and lighting through being a landscape photographer. By applying those skills to his commercial and cinematography projects, he creates imagery that is visually stunning and emotionally impactful.