• Edina living room entry
    February 13, 2018

    Architectural vs. Real Estate Photography – What’s the difference?

    Architectural photography and real estate photography have a lot in common at first glance.  They aren’t actually as similar as they would appear once they are placed side-by-side.  Over the years, we’ve done a lot of both – so let’s compare and contrast both styles.  We’ll start with the goals […]

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  • January 22, 2018

    Featured on fullhomeliving.com!

    It’s always awesome to have my work featured on interior design sites.  Recently, we were contacted by fullhomeliving.com about using one of my images on a feature article about home offices with corner desks.  The image that they picked was one that we made a couple of years ago while […]

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  • January 12, 2018

    Idealized Natural

    Warning!  This is going to be a rather opinionated article – because it’s a topic I’m passionate about. As a prelude to this op-ed on photography style, I’ll start by saying there is a lot of different ways to be right in photography.  A lot of those different ways are […]

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  • January 11, 2018

    Why is 4K the Way?

    What’s 4K?  It’s the current trend for ultra high-definition video, also known as 4K UHD.  4K UHD typically has a resolution of 3840×2160 which is 4x as large as 1080p HD.  Aside from high end monitors and new TVs, most don’t view content in 4K (yet!).  YouTube hosts and delivers […]

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  • Prior Lake Island Aerial
    December 15, 2017

    How High Will It Go?

    We get that question on virtually every aerial project – and the answer is complicated! Officially, the answer is 400 feet above ground level OR the tallest structure around. That means I could fly up to 1200′ if I was above an 800′ structure! In reality – the aircraft will […]

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