Clearly Deliver Your Message

The front page of your website is a fantastic place to put a video. Because the homepage is where most people will have their first interaction with your brand, you want to make an immediate impression. Whereas with a homepage full of words may feel overwhelming and tedious for a new user, a video allows you to clearly define what it you do, the customer pain points you help address, and basically what your brand is all about and what you stand for.

A great example of this is a video that we filmed in conjunction with SUCCESS Computer Consulting. The film, titled “What Do You Look For in a Partner” helps to establish the culture at SUCCESS, their values, and how they can be of service for their customers.

Another example is from Naadam, a clothing company whose cashmere sweaters are made through sustainable practices. Though we didn’t film this project, their homepage video perfectly articulates who they are and why you should care.

Engage Your Website Visitors – Visual Experience

Videos not only can enlighten your audience, but also engage them. Having some beautiful, stunning visuals included in your website will help keep your site users on your website for longer. So, decrease your website bounce rates by including a video.

Alaska Tours’ website perfectly illustrates how you don’t need a full on film to engage your audience. Gorgeous grizzly bears, mesmerizing northern lights, and a powerful glacier are all featured on their simple homepage video.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Search engines go crazy for a website that keeps their content fresh through new copy, frequent blog posts, or a videos. Content is king, and video content definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Videos are easily shareable, both for yourself and people who follow your brand online.

Creating a Youtube channel is a great way to maximize your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, especially if you embed your videos on your website or link back to your site in some form.

BMW is a great example, with over 800,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel. While this is an extreme example, even small companies can benefit from the additional exposure and content.

Stand out Amongst the Clutter

When your customers are still early on in the decision process for which product or service to go with, a video can help you stand out against the competition.

GoPro has dominated the action camera industry for quite sometime now, and there digital presence, including their website, is a main reason for that. Check out their homepage hero video that shows the full capabilities of their product.

Incorporate it into your Social Media

Social media is a must have for many businesses. Whether you’re a small local business or a big international company, everyone can benefit from a consistent presence on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. These social platforms work as another way to share your video and to tell everyone what you’re all about.

Oreo is a great example of a brand that does well with incorporating video and tying it back to their website. They have a spot on their website where you can watch their creative, visually appealing videos while also posting them on their Instagram with 2.5 million followers.

Looking to Include High Quality Video onto Your Website?

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